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Telephonic Interpreting for the Medical Industry

Phone Interpreting for Hospitals, Pharmacies & Clinics

Access to accurate information is crucial when the health of a patient is at stake. Telephonic interpreting from Accredited Language Services allows you to obtain that information quickly and easily, no matter what language your patient speaks.

With telephonic interpreting, doctors, nurses and pharmacists have on-demand access to more than 150 languages and dialects. Simply by placing a phone call, you can overcome any language barrier during every stage of health care, from diagnosis to discharge.

At ALS, we know that the medical profession demands the use of its own unique vocabulary. That’s why we’ll always connect you to an experienced interpreter who is well-versed in the specific terminology of the medical field. Our interpreters apply their background and training in medicine to your needs, resulting in clear, accurate communication for everything from intake exams to surgical consults.

Interpreting in Examinations, Consultations & Referrals

Medical interpreting tends to be best served by live, in-person interpreters who can read and react to body language in addition to the spoken word. Sometimes, however, that simply isn’t an option. Your patient might speak an uncommon language, for instance, or there may not be time for an interpreter to get to your office.

In these types of situations, telephonic interpreting allows you to communicate with your patients — and their families — at a moment’s notice.

When you call Accredited Language, our live call coordinators connect you to an interpreter with the linguistic skills and medical expertise you need, whether you’re explaining a radiology report or simply giving directions to the cafeteria. Since you pay only for the time you use, calls can be as long or as short as you require: we don’t have minimum charges, so you get the maximum value from our interpreters.

Additional Medical Language Services from ALS

In addition to telephonic interpreting, ALS provides a range of complementary services to meet all your language needs. Using skilled linguists with training in the medical field, Accredited Language is a one-stop shop for everything from interpreting health care conferences to translating patient intake forms.

Whether you’re hosting a seminar on the latest treatment methods or delivering a lecture on hospital safety procedures, simultaneous interpreting allows you to present your ideas in real time, no matter what languages your audience speaks. Simultaneous interpreting uses specialized conference interpreting equipment (including microphones and wireless headphones) to broadcast in another language, with no pauses or gaps in communication.

For smaller settings, such as consultations and independent medical examinations, the professional consecutive interpreters of ALS facilitate complete, accurate communication between patients and physicians who speak different languages. After each party speaks, the interpreter renders his or her words into the other’s language.

Patient interaction involves more than just spoken communication. For documents and records of all kinds, expert medical translation bridges the language gap between patients and health care providers. With rush and same-day service available, our linguists deliver top-quality translations when you need them, even in an emergency.

We also offer professional transcription services, which convert analog and digital recordings into readable documents. Our expert transcriptionists are familiar with medical terminology, bringing you the most accurate transcription possible.

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Why Accredited Language?

With access to more than 150 languages and dialects a mere phone call away, Accredited Language Services is prepared to meet all of your interpreting needs at a moment’s notice.

Hospitals, law firms, Fortune 500 companies, insurance agencies, government offices, media companies, PR firms, advertising agencies and academic institutions rely on our experienced telephonic, consecutive and simultaneous interpreters.

In addition, we offer conference and interpreting equipment for sale or rental, and our professional audio engineers will monitor our equipment on site.

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