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Phone Assist™ and Schedule Assist™

Telephone Interpreting in 150+ Languages & Dialects

Phone Assist™ and Schedule Assist™ are specialized telephonic interpreting solutions that allow you to talk to a speaker of another language by phone anywhere in the world.

The professional interpreting services of Accredited Language Services are available in more than 150 languages and dialects when and where you need them.

Interpreting Services by Telephone

Phone Assist™ allows you to converse with a speaker of a different language by telephone. It is ideal when you need to:

  • facilitate a conference call with people who speak little or no English
  • schedule an international deposition
  • accommodate a client in a remote part of the world

Schedule Assist™ is focused on helping you schedule appointments with speakers of a language other than English.

Both services are easily arranged and budget-friendly.

Other Interpreting Services from Accredited Language

Accredited Language offers interpreters who specialize in both consecutive and simultaneous interpreting.

Consecutive interpreting is primarily geared toward one-on-one situations, such as interviews, parent-teacher conferences and individual consultations. Our telephone interpreting services are a variation on consecutive interpreting.

It’s “consecutive” because it follows an I-go/you-go pattern: Person A says something which is then translated to Person B. Person B responds, and that is translated back to Person A, and so on.

Simultaneous interpreting renders speech from one language into another in real time. It is often preferred for conferences, live performances, broadcasts and other formal settings.

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