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Professional Conference Services

Full-Service Integrated Solutions for Large and Small Venues


A/V Equipment & Audio Engineers

Conference services should aim to make each and every speaker and presentation easily seen, heard and understood. It’s not only professional conference equipment that you need, but also professional audio engineers.

That’s exactly what you get with Accredited Language Services.

We specialize in providing international and multi-language conferences with delegate microphones, voting equipment and simultaneous interpreting equipment.

We also offer complementary conference services, including interpretation, transcription, translation and on-site digital recording.

Accredited Language concentrates on your technical needs so you can concentrate on the conference itself.

Conference Equipment & Engineers for Meetings of Any Size

No matter whether you’re convening for an hour in the corner office or for a week at a major convention center, we have the conference equipment and trained audio engineers to make your meetings a success.

With professional sound engineers on staff, a warehouse literally filled with pro-audio equipment, and offices throughout the United States, Accredited Language provides fully scalable conference support.

Accredited Language and its affiliates provide Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, professional associations, technology companies, and international and non-profit organizations with equipment like:

  • delegate microphones
  • voting systems
  • recording systems
  • IR and FM sound systems
  • soundproof booths

In addition, our trained audio engineers are available to plan, install and operate pro-audio equipment to facilitate a successful conference.

Comprehensive, Value-Added Conference Services

From beginning to end, Accredited Language provides value-added conference services to make your meeting run smoothly.

Before your conference, we can translate your documents and presentations.

During your conference, Accredited Language offers interpreters in more than 150 languages and dialects, including trained, professional simultaneous interpreters, for both large conventions and intimate gatherings.

We also offer professional on-site recording and videography services and can even duplicate digital and/or analog recordings during or after the event.

Need a transcript of the proceedings when the conference is done? No problem. Our staff includes transcriptionists with specialized vocabulary in legal, medical, technical, financial and other business subjects in order to provide you with an accurate transcription on either a rush or non-rush schedule.

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Why Accredited Language?

Just one call to Accredited Language Services and you’ll have the conference support you need to make any meeting run smoothly and successfully.

No matter the location, venue or size of your next conference, our trained audio engineers can help you plan, install and operate conference equipment, including microphones, voting equipment and simultaneous interpreting equipment.

What’s more, we also provide simultaneous interpreting in more than 150 languages and dialects, on-site recording, videography, duplication and transcription services.

Why waste any more time and money? Accredited Language can meet your conference needs efficiently and effectively. Call us at 1-800-322-0284 weekdays from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Eastern Standard Time for your FREE consultation.