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Professional Audio Engineers

Experienced Technicians for Your Meetings & Conferences

At your next conference, why worry about whether the microphones will work or the presenters will be properly recorded?

Relax. The trained audio engineers of Accredited Language Services can take care of that for you.

Our experienced audio engineers can keep your conference running smoothly. We concentrate on the equipment so you can concentrate on the conference.

Engineers & Equipment for Meetings of All Sizes

The professional audio engineers of Accredited Language plan, install, maintain and operate audiovisual and conference equipment for intimate gatherings of just a few people to international meetings with thousands of attendees.

Accredited Language and its affiliates offer equipment including delegate microphones, voting systems, recording systems and FM and wireless sound systems.

We also provide interpreting equipment such as soundproof booths, wireless receivers and headphones, and portable simultaneous interpreting equipment.

Our audio engineers also offers on-site recording and videography services and can duplicate the recording after — or even during — your event.

With Accredited Language, you get not only the equipment, but also the service to back it up.

Value-Added Conference Services

Conferences are successful when everyone can communicate with ease. Accredited Language makes that happen, no matter the number of people or the size of the venue.

If you will have speakers of other languages at your conference, Accredited Language offers translation and interpreting services in more than 150 languages and dialects.

We can translate presentations, handouts and other documents prior to the conference and even provide rush translations for last-minute needs during multi-day meetings.

Accredited Language specializes in both simultaneous interpreting and consecutive interpreting and can advise which type is best for your meeting and venue.

What’s more, we offer transcription services so you can have verbatim records of every speech, round table discussion and presentation.

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Join the national and multinational companies and organizations that trust Accredited Language to meet their conference needs.

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