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Wake Island

The US annexed Wake Island in 1899 for a cable station. An important air and naval base was constructed in 1940-41. In December 1941, the island was captured by the Japanese and held until the end of World War II. In subsequent years, Wake was developed as a stopover and refueling site for military and commercial aircraft transiting the Pacific. Since 1974, the island's airstrip has been used by the US military, as well as for emergency landings. All operations on the island were suspended and all personnel evacuated in August 2006 with the approach of super typhoon IOKE (category 5), which struck the island with sustained winds of 250 kph and a 6 m storm surge inflicting major damage. A US Air Force assessment and repair team returned to the island in September and restored limited function to the airfield and facilities. The future status of activities on the island will be determined upon completion of the survey and assessment.

Languages & Population

Nationality (Noun): none

Nationality (Adjective): none

Official Language(s): English

Major Languages Spoken: English

Map of Wake Island

Country Facts

Country Name (long form): none

Country Name (short form): Wake Island

Country Name (local long form): none

Country Name (local short form): none

Countries Near by, and Bordering Wake Island: Marshall Islands

Land Area: 7 sq km

Comparative Area: about 11 times the size of The Mall in Washington, DC

Total Land Boundry: 0 km

Coastline: 19.3 km

International Phone Code: 808

US Embassy Location: none

US Embassy Mailing Address: none


Wake Island flag

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