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A unified Thai kingdom was established in the mid-14th century. Known as Siam until 1939, Thailand is the only Southeast Asian country never to have been taken over by a European power. A bloodless revolution in 1932 led to a constitutional monarchy. In alliance with Japan during World War II, Thailand became a US ally following the conflict. Thailand is currently facing separatist violence in its southern ethnic Malay-Muslim provinces.

Languages & Population

Approximate Population: 65,068,149

Nationality (Noun): Thai (singular and plural)

Nationality (Adjective): Thai

Official Language(s): Thai

Major Languages Spoken: Bahasa, Burmese, Cambodian, English, Hmong, Karen, Malay, Thai, Khmer

Map of Thailand

Country Facts

Country Name (long form): Kingdom of Thailand

Country Name (short form): Thailand

Country Name (local long form): Ratcha Anachak Thai

Country Name (local short form): Prathet Thai

Name of Capital: Bangkok

UTC Time Difference (from capital): UTC+7 (12 hours ahead of Washington, DC during Standard Time)

Countries Near by, and Bordering Thailand: Burma, Malaysia, Laos, Cambodia

Land Area: 511770 sq km

Water Area: 2230 sq km

Comparative Area: slightly more than twice the size of Wyoming

Total Land Boundry: 4,863 km

Coastline: 3,219 km

National Holiday: Birthday of King PHUMIPHON, 5 December (1927)

International Phone Code: 66

Currency Code: baht (THB)

Internet Country Code: .th

US Embassy Location: 120-122 Wireless Road, Bangkok 10330

US Embassy Mailing Address: APO AP 96546


Thailand flag

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