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What is now Ecuador formed part of the northern Inca Empire until the Spanish conquest in 1533. Quito became a seat of Spanish colonial government in 1563 and part of the Viceroyalty of New Granada in 1717. The territories of the Viceroyalty - New Granada (Colombia), Venezuela, and Quito - gained their independence between 1819 and 1822 and formed a federation known as Gran Colombia. When Quito withdrew in 1830, the traditional name was changed in favor of the "Republic of the Equator." Between 1904 and 1942, Ecuador lost territories in a series of conflicts with its neighbors. A border war with Peru that flared in 1995 was resolved in 1999. Although Ecuador marked 25 years of civilian governance in 2004, the period has been marred by political instability. Protests in Quito have contributed to the mid-term ouster of Ecuador's last three democratically elected Presidents.

Languages & Population

Approximate Population: 13,755,680 (July 2007 est.)

Nationality (Noun): Ecuadorian(s)

Nationality (Adjective): Ecuadorian

Official Language(s): Spanish

Major Languages Spoken: Quechua, Spanish

Map of Ecuador

Country Facts

Country Name (long form): Republic of Ecuador

Country Name (short form): Ecuador

Country Name (local long form): Republica del Ecuador

Country Name (local short form): Ecuador

Name of Capital: Quito

UTC Time Difference (from capital): UTC-5 (same time as Washington, DC during Standard Time)

Countries Near by, and Bordering Ecuador: Peru, Colombia

Land Area: 276840 sq km

Water Area: 6720 sq km

Comparative Area: slightly smaller than Nevada

Total Land Boundry: 2,010 km

Coastline: 2,237 km

National Holiday: Independence Day (independence of Quito), 10 August (1809)

International Phone Code: 593

Currency Code: US dollar (USD)

Internet Country Code: .ec

US Embassy Location: Avenida 12 de Octubre y Avenida Patria, Quito

US Embassy Mailing Address: APO AA 34039


Ecuador flag

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