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A former British colony, Cyprus became independent in 1960 following years of resistance to British rule. Tensions between the Greek Cypriot majority and Turkish Cypriot minority came to a head in December 1963, when violence broke out in the capital of Nicosia. Despite the deployment of UN peacekeepers in 1964, sporadic intercommunal violence continued forcing most Turkish Cypriots into enclaves throughout the island. In 1974, a Greek Government-sponsored attempt to seize control of Cyprus was met by military intervention from Turkey, which soon controlled more than a third of the island. In 1983, the Turkish-held area declared itself the "Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus" (TRNC), but it is recognized only by Turkey. The latest two-year round of UN-brokered talks - between the leaders of the Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot communities to reach an agreement to reunite the divided island - ended when the Greek Cypriots rejected the UN settlement plan in an April 2004 referendum. The entire island entered the EU on 1 May 2004, although the EU acquis - the body of common rights and obligations - applies only to the areas under direct government control, and is suspended in the areas administered by Turkish Cypriots. However, individual Turkish Cypriots able to document their eligibility for Republic of Cyprus citizenship legally enjoy the same rights accorded to other citizens of European Union states. Nicosia continues to oppose EU efforts to establish direct trade and economic links to north Cyprus as a way of encouraging the Turkish Cypriot community to continue to support reunification

Languages & Population

Approximate Population: 788,457 (July 2007 est.)

Nationality (Noun): Cypriot(s)

Nationality (Adjective): Cypriot

Official Language(s): Greek, Turkish

Major Languages Spoken: English, Greek, Turkish

Map of Cyprus

Country Facts

Country Name (long form): Republic of Cyprus

Country Name (short form): Cyprus

Country Name (local long form): Kypriaki Dimokratia/Kibris Cumhuriyeti

Country Name (local short form): Kypros/Kibris

Name of Capital: Nicosia (Lefkosia)

UTC Time Difference (from capital): UTC+2 (7 hours ahead of Washington, DC during Standard Time)

Countries Near by, and Bordering Cyprus: Syria, Turkey, Lebanon

Land Area: 9240 sq km

Water Area: 10 sq km

Comparative Area: about 0.6 times the size of Connecticut

Total Land Boundry: None

Coastline: 648 km

National Holiday: Independence Day, 1 October (1960)

International Phone Code: 357

Currency Code: Cypriot pound (CYP), Turkish New lira (YTL)

Internet Country Code: .cy

US Embassy Location: corner of Metochiou and Ploutarchou Streets, 2407 Engomi, Nicosia

US Embassy Mailing Address: P. O. Box 24536, 1385 Nicosia


Cyprus flag

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