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Armenia prides itself on being the first nation to formally adopt Christianity (early 4th century). Despite periods of autonomy, over the centuries Armenia came under the sway of various empires including the Roman, Byzantine, Arab, Persian, and Ottoman. During World War I in the western portion of Armenia, Ottoman Turkey instituted a policy of forced resettlement coupled with other harsh practices that resulted in an estimated 1 million Armenian deaths. The eastern area of Armenia was ceded by the Ottomans to Russia in 1828; this portion declared its independence in 1918, but was conquered by the Soviet Red Army in 1920. Armenian leaders remain preoccupied by the long conflict with Muslim Azerbaijan over Nagorno-Karabakh, a primarily Armenian-populated region, assigned to Soviet Azerbaijan in the 1920s by Moscow. Armenia and Azerbaijan began fighting over the area in 1988; the struggle escalated after both countries attained independence from the Soviet Union in 1991. By May 1994, when a cease-fire took hold, Armenian forces held not only Nagorno-Karabakh but also a significant portion of Azerbaijan proper. The economies of both sides have been hurt by their inability to make substantial progress toward a peaceful resolution. Turkey imposed an economic blockade on Armenia and closed the common border because of the Armenian occupation of Nagorno-Karabakh and surrounding areas.

Languages & Population

Approximate Population: 2,971,650 (July 2007 est.)

Nationality (Noun): Armenian(s)

Nationality (Adjective): Armenian

Official Language(s): Armenian

Major Languages Spoken: Aramaic, Armenian, Russian

Map of Armenia

Country Facts

Country Name (long form): Republic of Armenia

Country Name (short form): Armenia

Country Name (local long form): Hayastani Hanrapetut'yun

Country Name (local short form): Hayastan

Name of Capital: Yerevan

UTC Time Difference (from capital): UTC+4 (9 hours ahead of Washington, DC during Standard Time)

Countries Near by, and Bordering Armenia: Iran, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Georgia

Land Area: 28400 sq km

Water Area: 1400 sq km

Comparative Area: slightly smaller than Maryland

Total Land Boundry: 1,254 km

National Holiday: Independence Day, 21 September (1991)

International Phone Code: 374

Currency Code: dram (AMD)

Internet Country Code: .am

US Embassy Location: 1 American Ave., Yerevan 375082

US Embassy Mailing Address: American Embassy Yerevan, US Department of State, 7020 Yerevan Place, Washington, DC 20521-7020


Armenia flag

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