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Resources & Links

Language takes many shapes and forms around the world and even within any one country.

Click on one of our resources below to learn about the different languages and countries of the world or explore how language is used in poetry.

  • languagesFREE Chinese Translation

    Submit a short snippet of English text and we’ll translate it into Chinese for FREE!

  • languagesLanguages

    More about the languages and dialects we translate, interpret and transcribe.

  • countriesCountries

    Facts and figures about the countries of the world, including their major languages.

  • poetryLanguage Identifier

    Identify what language your word or text is in by using our FREE language detection tool.

  • useful linksWebsite Translation Tool

    Build your own website translation tool and let your visitors translate your website.

  • useful linksUseful Links

    Visit additional resources and websites related to our language services.

  • poetryPoetry

    Language can create a specific emotional response. Browse our English poetry collection.

  • languagesFREE Translation Tool

    Instant translation to & from any of the 42 supported languages using our translation tool.

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