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Accredited Language Services


ALS is currently looking for freelance engineers in the area of audiovisual services and/or software programming in three different environments:

1. On-site technicians for conference services and trained videographers who will be working in the area of audiovisual support services. Applicants must be trained in the basic audiovisual skills. These positions include traveling to venues throughout North America, Europe and Asia.

2. Studio engineers especially familiar with the intricacies in working with voice overs in foreign languages, subtitling and dubbing.

3. Software engineers and programmers familiar with programs for web design including Dreamweaver, Mascon, and Photoshop. In addition, applicants who are familiar with the intricacies of software localization and globalization will be given special consideration.

If you are interested in any of these positions, you can email your resume to with the position you are applying for listed in the subject line. NO PHONE CALLS OR FAXES PLEASE.