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Software & Computer Expertise

Personalized Solutions in 150+ Languages & Dialects

Software and computer technology continually advances.

So too do the services Accredited Language offers software and computer companies.

When we translated our first video game in the mid-1980’s, the project was a novelty. Not anymore. Now organizations as diverse as Microsoft, Intel, Disney and the NFL turn to Accredited Language Services for on-time, on-budget and personalized solutions to their language needs.

Translation and Localization for the Global Marketplace

Since 1983, Accredited Language has specialized in professional translations in more than 150 languages.

From our worldwide network of linguists, Accredited Language chooses translators based on linguistic knowledge and subject-matter expertise. We can help you meet your launch date whether your game text, instruction manuals, product packaging, marketing materials and other documents need translated into one or multiple languages.

Accredited Language also offers professional localization services– even for countries that speak the same language. We enhance games, computer programs and software by localizing the text, graphics, sounds and symbols for your specific target audience.

What’s more, Accredited Language Services is a partner of the International Game Developers Association and provides specialized translation, localization, voice over and other language services for game developers and publishers.

Specializing in 150+ Languages (Including English)

Make us the one-stop shop for your software and computer language needs! Accredited Language offers:

  • Voice overs in 157 languages and dialects, including English and accented English. We also can provide state-of-the-art recording studios and audio engineers.
  • Subtitling in languages including English, Spanish, French and German, as well as Chinese (simplified and traditional), Korean and Japanese.

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Accredited Language has the experience and expertise in software and computers to provide not only accurate, but also personalized services … even on deadline.

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Software & Computer Expertise