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Science & Technology Expertise

Technical Language Services in 150+ Languages & Dialects

Science & Technology

High-tech start-ups and established firms alike need a language service they can trust with their highly technical communications.

Accredited Language Services understands that scientific and technical documents and proceedings include precise concepts and terminology.

Since 1983, engineering firms, manufacturers, research institutes and other companies in the science and technology industry have trusted Accredited Language for professional translation, interpreting and transcription services in more than 150 languages and dialects.

Translation of Patents, Manuals, Catalogs & Data Sheets

No matter what type of scientific or technical document translation you require, Accredited Language will match your copy with a translator who has the appropriate knowledge of the language and topic.

Our team of translators include linguists with expertise translating patents and other text in a variety of scientific and technical fields, including: biology, manufacturing, information technology, automobiles and engineering.

What’s more, Accredited Language also specializes in the translation and localization of games for computers and consoles.

Interpreting Interviews, Conventions, Seminars & Meetings

Whether you need one interpreter for a small meeting in the corner office or multiple interpreters for a large international symposia with thousands of people, Accredited Language provides scientific and technical interpreting services throughout the US and around the world.

We offer consecutive interpreting and simultaneous interpreting for events including tech talks, workshops, seminars, conferences and one-on-one meetings. We also provide telephonic interpreting when you need a linguist on deadline or in a remote location.

Transcription of Presentations, Forums & Seminars

When you require a verbatim written record of your proceeding, the professional transcription services of Accredited Language can meet your needs and your deadline.

We accept recordings in more than 30 analog, digital and electronic formats. The transcriptionists of Accredited Language specialize in recordings with just one voice and those with multiple voices.

When you’re in a hurry, we even provide rush transcription.

Value-Added Services for Scientific & Technical Firms

Planning a meeting? You’ll be surprised at the number of conference services Accredited Language provides with just one call.

In addition to our language services, we offer conference equipment and simultaneous interpreting equipment, including microphones, projectors, wireless receivers and soundproof booths.

Our experienced audio engineers can even install and maintain the equipment and/or record your event on-site.

FREE, No-Obligation Consultation

Our satisfied clients in the science and technology sector include both start-ups and major multinationals. Accredited Language has worked with companies including Battelle, Lockheed Martin, Microsoft and Sun Microsystems.

Let us show you why the scientific community has relied on Accredited Language for technical translation, transcription and interpreting services for more than 25 years. Get a FREE, no-obligation consultation when you call our national service center at 1-800-322-0284.