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Immigration Translation Since 1983

Certified Translation of Immigration Documents

Immigration documents are too important to entrust to just any translation company. You need an experienced company that provides certified translations accepted by governments and organizations throughout the US and around the world.

Since 1983, Accredited Language Services has provided exactly that to thousands of satisfied clients. Our competitive rates and personalized service have made us the trusted source for the translation of immigration documents.

Immigration Translation Services in 150+ Languages

Accredited Language maintains a global network of translators in more than 150 languages. Their expertise includes the translation of birth certificates, marriage certificates and applications that may be required for immigration purposes.

Our linguists are skilled in translating government-issued documents such as visas, passports, green cards, certificates of naturalization, applications for travel and employment eligibility verifications.

What’s more, Accredited Language also has extensive experience in the translation of personal documents like diplomas, transcripts and work records.

Certification of Immigration Documents

Accredited Language observes strict standards to turn your immigration translation into a certified document accepted by agencies and organizations throughout the US and internationally.

The translators of Accredited Language attest to the accuracy of your translation and each page is sealed to diminish the possibility of fraud.

Rush & Same-Day Translation

Accredited Language understands the time-sensitive nature of many immigration documents.

We offer rush and same-day translation services to help you meet your deadlines.

Value-Added Language Services

In addition to translation, Accredited Language provides skilled interpreters in more than 150 languages and dialects.

We offer consecutive interpreting for proceedings such as interviews and consultations, and simultaneous interpreting for conventions, conferences, seminars and other events. We can even advise you on the type of interpreting service that would best meet your needs.

In addition, we offer immigration guides and forms, as well as information about the US citizenship test, through our affiliate, Legal Language Services.

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