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Expert Driver’s License Translation

Professional Translation in 150+ Languages Since 1983

Whether you’re moving to another country or simply renting a car in one, a driver’s license translation can save you time and give you peace of mind. Since 1983, Accredited Language has provided professional translations of driver’s licenses in more than 150 languages.

Specializing in the Translation of Government Documents

For the translation of government documents like driver’s licenses, you need a translator with more than linguistic expertise. Accredited Language uses specialized translators who are proficient in their source and target languages – and who are knowledgeable in the proper terminology necessary for an accurate driver’s license translation.

With a global network of experienced translators, Accredited Language provides top language professionals who are both linguistic experts as well as specialists in the legal and technical terminology needed to translate official documents like driver’s licenses.

Certified Translations of Driver’s Licenses

Turn your driver’s license translation into a legal record with Accredited Language’s certified translations.

Certified translations are accepted by government agencies and organizations throughout the US and around the world.

Rush and Same-Day Translation Services

Need your driver’s license translation ASAP?

Ask about Accredited Language’s rush and same-day translation services. You’ll get the same personalized service as we meet your deadline.

FREE, No-Obligation Translation Consultation

Trust Accredited Language Services for your driver’s license translation. Call our national service center toll free at 1-800-322-0284, weekdays from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST, or complete an easy online form for a FREE consultation.