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Translation of Divorce Documents

Professional Translation in 157 Languages Since 1983

Accredited Language has the linguistic professionals to provide on-time and on-budget translations of divorce documents.

Whether you’re moving to another country, planning to remarry abroad or simply need documentation in another language, accurate translations of divorce documents can be essential. Since 1983 Accredited Language has provided translations of personal documents in 157 languages.

Divorce Document Translation by Experienced Linguists

The professional translators of Accredited Language are not only experts in their source and target languages, but also skilled in the legal terminology necessary for the accurate translation of  divorce documents.

This allows the translators of Accredited Language to efficiently translate divorce and other personal documents, including petitions for divorce and proof of completed divorces.

Certified Translations of Divorce Documents

Certified translations from Accredited Language are considered legal records. They are accepted by courts and professional organizations throughout the US and in jurisdictions around the world.

Requirements differ for certified translations, but Accredited Language follows the most rigorous standards. Please let us know, however, if your certified translation must meet any specific requirements.

Rush and Same-Day Delivery Services

Accredited Language offers rush and same-day services to meet your deadlines. When you need your translation of divorce documents completed quickly, count on Accredited Language.

FREE, No-Obligation Translation Consultation

Join thousands of people around the world who trust Accredited Language for the translation of their personal documents.

Get a FREE consultation on the translation of your divorce documents by completing an easy online form, or call our national service center toll free at 1-800-322-0284, weekdays 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST.