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Cover Letter Translation

Professional Translation of Cover Letters in 150+ Languages

Since 1983 Accredited Language Services has provided top-quality cover letter translations trusted by job-seekers and employers around the world.

No matter the type of job you are applying for, Accredited Language has the linguistic experts to provide you with the professional cover letter translation you need to help you get the job.

Expert Cover Letter Translation

Accredited Language knows that it takes more than simply knowing two languages to produce great translations. That’s why our linguists are not only proficient in their source and targetĀ  languages, but also knowledgeable in specific career fields, including finance, medicine, engineering and more.

Cover letters are one of the most important parts of a job application, and presenting prospective employers with a professional, easy-to-read cover letter can improve your chances of getting hired.

Our global network of translators has the technical knowledge to provide professional cover letter translations in more than 150 languages. No matter what your field of work, you can trust that a translator from Accredited Language will have the specialized vocabulary to accurately translate career-specific terms and phrases for your cover letter translation.

Rush and Same-Day Cover Letter Translation

In a hurry to finish your job application?

Trust Accredited Language rush and same-day services to provide an accurate cover letter translation that meets your deadline.

Value-Added Services for Cover Letter Translation

Accredited Language’s value-added services address all of your career-related translation and interpreting needs.

For example, Accredited Language offers consecutive, simultaneous and telephonic interpreting for occasions including job interviews and company meetings. In addition, Accredited Language translates resumes and CVs.

Accredited Language and our affiliates also provide conference equipment and services to help you effectively communicate in the workplace. Our team of audio engineers will even plan, setup and operate the equipment for you.

FREE, No-Obligation Translation Consultation

Join the professionals around the world who trust Accredited Language for their career and job-related translation needs.

For a FREE consultation regarding your cover letter translation, complete our online form or call the Accredited Language national service center toll free at 1-800-322-0284, weekdays from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST.