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Brochure Translation Since 1983

Translating Advertising Brochures into 150+ Languages

Whatever the subject, Accredited Language Services has the professional linguists to meet your brochure translation needs.

Since 1983, Accredited Language has provided professional document translations of the highest quality for companies in a variety of fields. With linguists in more than 150 languages, our thousands of satisfied clients include Fortune 500 companies and some of the world’s top medical, technical and financial firms.

Translation by Expert Linguists

Our attention to detail and dedication to providing the best in translation sets Accredited Language apart from its competitors.

For brochures from the pharmaceutical industry to the automotive industry, Accredited Language offers experienced linguists with special expertise. Our professional translators are not only fluent in both their source and target languages, but also knowledgeable about their translation subject matter.

Need the translation of a medical brochure? Financial brochure? Advertising brochure for a new product? We’ll find the linguistic expert who knows the correct terminology and specialized vocabulary.

Localized Copy to Reach Your Target Audience

In addition, our translation team offers adapted and localized translations of advertising copy for target audiences.

With their knowledge of the language, culture and subject, the linguists of Accredited Language find the vocabulary and terminology needed to translate a client’s message to the target audience.

Professional Document Design and DTP

Accredited Language knows the importance of making a good first impression with your brochure. That means being concerned with more than just the text.

With our professional graphic design and DTP services, Accredited Language is the full-service solution for brochures, from top-quality translation to eye-catching images.

Rush and Same-Day Translation

Want your brochure translation in a hurry?

Accredited Language offers rush translation services to meet your tight deadline. Our global network of translators can provide professional translations even on short notice.

Value-Added Services

Accredited Language offers more than translation.

We provide interpreting services in more than 150 languages and dialects. What’s more, we also offer conference and interpreting equipment, along with audio engineers to set up and monitor whatever you order.

In addition, our professional transcription services are available for recordings with one voice and those with multiple voices.

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