conference equipment

A conference organizes group interactions to facilitate communication in order to inform, educate, discuss and/or decide. Such organization uses conference equipment to enable communication within and between groups, and includes audio-visual aids, simultaneous interpreting equipment such as booths, transmitters and receivers, and equipment to record and transcribe conference proceedings.

conferencing services
ALS International and its affiliate Audiolink facilitate conference communication in large and small group settings. Our state of the art equipment and highly trained staff give us the flexibility to respond to your specific needs.

Moreover, with more than 20 years of experience and an emphasis on customer service, ALS and Audiolink are known for making a complex task seem easy.

conference services in 150 languages & dialects
Whether you're planning a month long, multi-language conference or a small guided tour, ALS provides assistance in more than 150 languages and dialects. The simultaneous interpreters of ALS are skilled linguists with expertise in a wide variety of technical fields. No matter the subject – a new medical device, cutting-edge software, or the opening of a new manufacturing plant – ALS and Audiolink can help.

comprehensive audio-visual assistance
We offer a wide variety of platforms to enhance your proceedings.  Professional engineers will set-up and maintain sophisticated audio systems at your site and work with you to facilitate a quality performance. For large groups, our conference equipment - including soundproof booths and individual headsets - provide the perfect non-intrusive vehicle for simultaneous interpreting. We can also assist you with voting systems, audio-visual aids and recording systems. For small group settings or for mobile tours, ALS can sell or rent portable equipment, with or without interpreters, at prices which will conform to your budget.

notable conference projects


Translation and interpreting were needed for a large-scale international arbitration between two national governments conducted under the auspices of the American Arbitration Association.

ALS provided simultaneous interpreting and conference equipment to facilitate the proceedings. Under extreme time pressure and confidentiality, ALS provided ongoing overnight transcriptions and translations throughout the duration of the tribunal. During the subsequent deliberations of the jurists, ALS worked closely with the tribunal to render their opinions in both French and English facilitating a settlement of the dispute.

A government agency engaged in educational outreach required simultaneous interpreting for one-day events in a wide variety of geographic locations.

ALS and its affiliates were able to put together a team of simultaneous interpreters as well as trained audio engineers to travel, with equipment, from place to place, with the agricultural specialists. Throughout this extensive tour of North America, the team would arrive overnight to a new venue to set up the equipment, provide the interpreting services, then dismantle the equipment and move to the next city to repeat the process again. This project was challenging in the unexpected area of logistical support since we had to make arrangements for shipping equipment from different locations to meet our trained staff at the seminar sites in time for each event. The "barnstorming tour" was successful and the government agency subsequently renewed their contract with us.
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