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Notable Projects

For more than 20 years, ALS and its affiliates have been one of the world’s most respected sources of translation and related language services.  Our projects range from the translation of personal documents (certificates, academic transcripts, letters) to complex multi-language translation of software documentation for simultaneous release in multiple markets.

We have prepared a sampling of some of our more notable and prestigious projects to give you an idea of our range of capabilities.

Whatever your need – for any language or any subject – ALS has the right solution

A large advertising company came to us to perform a very sensitive, multilanguage website localization for a major American auto manufacturer.

Working closely with the advertising company, ALS translated, transcreated and localized this website under tight time pressure. In particular, we overcame some formidable graphic design problems and were able to create a product that satisfied both the advertising company and the auto manufacturer. In fact, they tested our language in several focus groups and the website translations were received very favorably.

A major international oil exploration company required the translation of specifications and marketing materials for a new market.

ALS assembled a team of specialists, including technical experts, to translate the documentation for the client. What makes this project notable was the follow-up work wherein we performed a series of back translations to verify the accuracy of the translation and provided interpreters to assist the company in its approach to the foreign sale. We are glad to report that the sale was successful and the company succeeded in opening a major new market.

A client required expedited translation into multiple languages of in-flight menus which changed almost daily to facilitate service to international airline passengers.

This particular project presented two unique challenges. One was the need for rapid turnaround of material in multiple languages so that the daily menus could be printed and distributed to flight crews in a timely fashion. The second challenge was the need to be correct using the highly specific vocabulary of food while remaining conscious of the need to make the menu choices sound appealing. The solution lay in creating small, specialized teams for each language group who received the menu items at the beginning of the day and translated them into the target languages by the close of business. ALS was able to take advantage of its international affiliates in order to produce these translations overnight and deliver them to the client in time for international distribution.

A large internationally-known provider of automotive parts required detailed translations of specifications and assembly line instructions for establishing production in new international venues.

ALS received the documentation in electronic form from the client and proceeded to establish a team of translators and editors which included specialists in automotive terminology. The translation was successfully produced on time and on budget. One of the greatest challenges of this particular project was the recreation of graphic art and diagrams with proper labeling in the target language. To do this, ALS had to reshoot graphics and then substitute the text, graphic by graphic, into the final work product. The documentation was successfully received and we were subsequently awarded additional work to translate quality assurance documents for this particular project.

A client who had for many years been training technical specialists in the repair and reconstruction of cars and trucks for a large aftermarket clientele, needed translation and multimedia services into Spanish.

ALS assisted the client in first isolating those English-language texts which were most suitable for adaptation into Spanish and then proceeded to translate both written and audio/visual training materials for intensive classroom and on-site instruction. The project was particularly challenging because of the need to meet rigid quality control standards on a wide variety of disparate topics ranging from electrical and computer systems to mechanics and basic engine repair. This multi-year project was completed and subsequent updates and revisions are still being used both in the US and abroad.

A pharmaceutical client needed translation of labels, marketing materials, brochures and related materials for the distribution of a new drug within the Hispanic community in the United States.

Collecting all of the client materials in electronic format, ALS approached the job by first generating a detailed glossary of appropriate terminology and then translating the documentation in a timely fashion. The resulting translation then passed through an extensive client review process with ALS editors and specialists discussing the nuances of the translation prior to final approval. At this point, ALS proceeded to the typesetting and final production phases for the product inserts, labels and marketing materials for a launch on-schedule and on-target.

A client in the aerospace industry required translation of confidential technical specifications and marketing materials for a major international sale of both airplanes and spare parts.

This project required not only the translation of technical language and the meeting of strict deadlines but also extreme confidentiality and guaranteed security of the information. To accomplish this, all work was done on premises, at our international headquarters by a veteran team of professional linguists. The work product required multiple consultations between senior editors and the client which took place telephonically and in person. The final product was delivered on time and on budget and all materials, for reasons of maintaining strict confidentiality, was returned under lock and key to the client. The sale was completed and the parts were shipped.

An international food company needed to translate and print multilanguage labels on its shipping containers and food items to launch new products in the Japanese market.

ALS approached this project by first establishing a professional team of Japanese linguists. We then began an initial period consulting with the client to make sure that the translations of technical and non-technical food items remained consistent throughout all the labels and related marketing materials. The product successfully launched in Japan and we were later asked to provide similar services for a launch in China.

A major retail clothing chain wanted to produce voice overs in Spanish and Japanese for an international stock offering.

We transcribed, translated, edited and adapted the English language videos for Spanish and Japanese audiences. ALS also advised the client on the choice of appropriate voice talent. The client heeded our advice and the campaign was well-received.

A US government agency required legally correct yet understandable Spanish translations of financial documents (including complex options strategies). The target audience was the investing public.

ALS organized a team of Spanish language translators, including one of our senior editors to produce the required copy. After client review and approval, we proceeded to output the translations as camera-ready copy for printing and public distribution. The brochures and explanatory materials were still in use nearly a decade later.

A large bank needed a reliable company to translate a large advertising campaign that included, among other things, brochures, posters and legal forms.

During the course of two years, we provided dozens of translations and ancillary services including consultations with their legal department, and culturally-appropriate advice on graphic design and typesetting/DTP. The project was completed on time and rolled out as part of a national campaign to reach new customers in the US Hispanic community.

Translation and interpreting were needed for a large-scale international arbitration between two national governments conducted under the auspices of the American Arbitration Association.

ALS provided simultaneous interpreting and conference equipment to facilitate the proceedings. Under extreme time pressure and confidentiality, ALS provided ongoing overnight transcriptions and translations throughout the duration of the tribunal. During the subsequent deliberations of the jurists, ALS worked closely with the tribunal to render their opinions in both French and English facilitating a settlement of the dispute.

A multi-billion dollar merger of two companies required rapid and cost-effective translation of a large volume of documents including sensitive and confidential material.

Our in-house staff provided certified legal translations of literally thousands of pages of documentation in a timely manner. Work was performed on our secure premises using staff translators to ensure confidentiality. ALS not only met all deadlines, but also created a database of documents to manage the workflow both during and after the production. Government approval for the international merger was obtained.

A Fortune 1000 company facing a major reorganization needed to translate highly confidential material to explain their plans to their worldwide staff.

ALS organized a massive effort of concurrent translation into fifteen languages including Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish and Russian. Both written documentation and multimedia presentations were required. Perhaps the most sensitive aspect of the project was a video presentation by the President and CEO of the corporation. This necessitated a voice over which was both accurate and authoritative. All of this work had to adhere to strict deadlines and security. The work was concluded on schedule as required.

A US financial institution required language assistance to train executives from the erstwhile Soviet Union in the application of sophisticated business techniques to extractive industries.

The needs of the client were addressed in three ways. First, ALS translated course-related materials from English into Russian and Ukrainian. Second, we provided interpreters for the training sessions. Third, ESL instructors were provided for those business leaders who wanted to improve their English. The two month training session ended with a celebration of its success: a grand tour of the United States for which ALS also provided interpreters.

A major international investment bank required the translation of a proposal and ancillary materials to open up an oil pipeline in the erstwhile Soviet Union.

We received the documentation from the lead bank on a Friday and were asked to translate the initial proposal by Monday morning. ALS created a team of specialists overnight and worked around the clock, during the weekend, to provide a finished draft proposal for the bank. Subsequent to this, ALS was engaged in ongoing translations of supporting documents including financial projections and engineering reports for the negotiation of a multinational agreement.

A government agency engaged in educational outreach required simultaneous interpreting for one-day events in a wide variety of geographic locations.

ALS and its affiliates were able to put together a team of simultaneous interpreters as well as trained audio engineers to travel, with equipment, from place to place, with the agricultural specialists. Throughout this extensive tour of North America, the team would arrive overnight to a new venue to set up the equipment, provide the interpreting services, then dismantle the equipment and move to the next city to repeat the process again. This project was challenging in the unexpected area of logistical support since we had to make arrangements for shipping equipment from different locations to meet our trained staff at the seminar sites in time for each event. The “barnstorming tour” was successful and the government agency subsequently renewed their contract with us.

A law firm required assistance in the translation both from English into German and from German into English, as well as other secondary languages, in a case involving a suit against an automotive manufacturer.

ALS and its affiliate, Legal Language Services, summarized and translated voluminous documents for discovery and for courtroom presentation. We were also called upon to interpret for key witnesses in depositions taken in the United States. The case was successfully defended and they settled before trial.

A group of attorneys needed assistance in digesting financial and general business documentation which they obtained through legal discovery.

We were able help them represent their clients by translating all of their found documents in a timely and cost effective fashion. ALS also assists, through its affiliate Legal Language Services, with the deposition of international executives and international evidence taking.

A US government agency was mandated by the courts to deliver accurate certified transcriptions and translations of largely-inaudible wiretaps in order to proceed with an arraignment and trial.

ALS proceeded in stages to identify what turned out to be exotic dialects on the tapes, transcribe the tapes, proof the transcriptions, translate the transcriptions and certify our work. Working around the clock, we met what sometimes seemed to be an impossible deadline. We delivered the work on time and the prosecution went forward.

A government agency needed their very large website dealing with medical and pharmaceutical issues rendered into multiple languages for the general public.

ALS assembled a team of translators, editors and other support staff to translate literally hundreds of html-coded pages and deliver them to the client on a rolling schedule. This allowed the client to post their information on the World Wide Web in a matter of weeks and then broaden and deepen their site with ongoing revisions. ALS has evolved a cutting-edge approach to website management for this and other clients which allows for major cost savings as well as a more rapid response to changes in text.

A pharmaceutical company required strict, methodologically correct translations to expedite the clinical trials of a new drug.

Using our vast database of translators, ALS put together a specialized team to translate, edit and proof diverse scientific papers on medical and pharmaceutical topics from more than twenty countries including Japan, France, Norway, Belgium, Italy and Germany. Upon completion of this work, which was delivered on time, ALS also assisted in the translation of protocols and separately, the back translations of protocols for quality assurance.

A major engineering firm needed to evaluate and respond to a Spanish language RFP for the privatization of public works in Latin America.

The ALS solution required a two step approach. First, we had to quickly summarize the specifications for the highly technical RFP in understandable and accurate language that allowed the client to not only evaluate the appropriateness of the response to the RFP, but also frame the detailed specifications in a timely manner. Once the client determined that they wanted to respond, we had to translate the English proposal including highly technical financial, legal and engineering terminology back into Spanish for submission in-country to the civil authorities.

A large high tech company and computer manufacturer needed translations into Spanish of highly technical press releases about new software and hardware within a tight time frame.

We worked with this client for more than a year to develop appropriate translations for their cutting-edge technology. These glossaries facilitated the work of our staff translators and editors in overnight production of press releases. ALS successfully addressed the client’s stated concerns about delivery schedules and TTM.

The Turkish government required the translation of technical documentation and related materials for a precondition for the purchase of military equipment.

ALS successfully translated technical documents into Turkish including marketing materials, instruction manuals and detailed specifications and drawings which required special graphic expertise. We also performed this task under tight time constraints and with sensitivity to confidentiality.

Ongoing translation of an intracompany newsletter into Spanish, French and sometimes Japanese was needed by a major international electronics distributor.

The intermittent schedule of the newsletter required careful documentation of stylesheets and glossaries so that a consistent product would be developed over time. ALS worked with the client to establish an effective and timely review process with overseas branches. Once approved, copy flowed into a pre-existing English (QuarkX-press) layout and was delivered electronically to the client for worldwide release.

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